Your Imaginal Cards are a creativity and innovation tool designed to surprise your thinking. Use your Imaginal Cards to:

  • Inspire your thinking - use the images on your cards to spark and release the infinite number of ideas, insights and approaches available within you; and

  • Unlock your thinking - use the provocative statements on your cards to break free of your more habitual thinking about everyday experiences and open yourself up to new possibilities and pathways.

The inspiration for creating Imaginal Cards comes from many sources, including Oblique Strategy Cards, CCS Cards and ThinkPak..


Why 'imaginal'

The term 'imaginal' is given to the formative elements of surprise, the pure potentiality that is ever present within each and every thought.

Just like a caterpillar's "imaginal cells" imagine and crete the butterfly, each imaginal cards contains the potential of being a launching off pad for a new idea, dream, vision and pathway.

Imaginal Cards aim to unlock the imaginal potential of individuals and groups by fostering more creative thinking, deeper levels of self-discovery and collective exploration, and enhanced problem-solving and innovation planning.  


Imaginal with us