User Cases

As an Workshop Facilitator I want to engage my program participants in interactive icebreaking activities to build strong participant connections.

As a Process Consultant I want to engage my focus group participants in new and alternative ways when they consider a range of everyday topics.

As an Adult Educator I want to engage my students to actively contribute to large group experiences to foster deeper levels of learning integration.

Open and trusting relationships is critical to fostering high levels of group engagement and performance.

Each Imaginal Card Set includes images designed to encourage individuals in group to connect with each other in open, honest and explorative ways. And through the generative conversations each card facilitates fresh perspective and new ways of relating together emerge. 

Imaginal Images

Each card's image offers a conversation starter or a way of deepening a group's understanding of a shared experience; whilst each's card's provocative statement invites a group into a new pathway for considering tricky team challenges.

Imaginal Cards help individuals to:

  • break the ice and connect teams more deeply when engaging in new (and often difficult) topics of conversation.
  • build a common understanding and appreciation of a group's shared experiences. 
  • assisting groups in exploring and connecting to a shared purpose, learning experience, or set of common goals.