User Cases

As a Creative Person I want to overcome my writer's (or painter's) block and create that powerful piece I just know is waiting to be expressed through me.

As a Singer/Songwriter and Musician I want to unlock that creative inspiration and compose that song I know will invite others others to riff with all their heart.

 As an Innovator and Entrepreneur I want to spark the 100 ideas I know I need in order to discover and create the one ideal solution to that everyday challenge.

All creative people have experienced the creative struggle just before the inspirational breakthrough. 

Each Imaginal Card Set has specifically chosen statements (and images!) that aim to uncover, unlock and unleash the inspiration we seek that allows us to create that which is just beyond our readiness to comprehend.

Imaginal Images

Each card's statement aims to challenge and disrupt the current ways of thinking that stop us from fully embracing our creative genius and bringing into reality the creative expression we just know is within us.

Imaginal Cards help individuals to:

  • create new forms of creative expression.
  • create different approaches to thinking about and approaching everyday creative challenges.
  • unlock your individual and collective creative genius.