User Cases

As a Manager and People Leader I want to coach and mentor in ways that encourages others to actively design their ideal work experience.

As a High Achiever I want a comprehensive tool that raises my thinking to even loftier heights as I design my ideal lifestyle and 5-year life goals.

As a User Experience Designer I want a pragmatic tool to support my 'users' in discussing their ideal experience of everyday activities.

The first step in realising one's goals is designing the plan to realise those goals..

Each Imaginal Card Set includes images and provocative statements designed to challenge and inspire individuals and groups as they clarify they their thinking in designing pragmatic goals and plans to everyday challenges. 

Imaginal Images

Each card's image offers a lateral way of considering a complex or confusing situation; whilst each's card's provocative statement invites both novel and pragmatic thinking in service of identifying goals and designing clear action plans.

Imaginal Cards help individuals and groups to:

  • improve listening, questioning and problem solve with others.
  • encourage and capitalise on diversity of thought to design novel and inspiring solutions.
  • be more innovative and lateral in their approach to planning for success.