User Cases

As an Executive Coach I want to support my clients in discovering new perspectives so that they are empowered to realise their goals.

As a Workshop Trainer I want to support my program participants to discover new insights so that I can enhance their effectiveness at work.

 As a Personal Development Advocate I want to discover more about why I behave the way I do so that I can be more intentional in how I live my life. 

Critical reflection is a foundational practice of self-discovery and personal development.

Each Imaginal Card Set has specifically chosen images that aim to provoke, challenge, inspire and encourage individuals to reflect upon their life experiences to discover new meanings and insights.

Imaginal Images

The images provide a way to describe the feelings, ideas and concepts that the person may not otherwise be able to articulate. 

Imaginal Cards help individuals to:

  • see more aspects of their experiences and discover more perspectives for a given situation.
  • deepen their self awareness and understanding and discover ways of articulating these new insights to others.
  • uncover and unlock new ways of appreciating everyday life experiences and discover new and novel ways of engaging with oneself, with others, and the world at large.